Swedish Ecstasy Film is an Animation Company founded by Animator and Animation Director Lasse Persson.

 Swedish Ecstasy films are Indie animated shorts made in the classical animation tradition and their titles are: Bikini, Honey Bunny, Hand in Hand, And Half The Kingdom, Buff and Hetero.  The films ah1re published on the DVD Gå över gränsen (Crossing The Line) and have won prizes on International Film Festivals and have been screened on TV channels like British Channel Four, American MTV and French Arte.

Swedish Ecstasy Film, that is Lasse Persson, has during more than two decades taken assignments as Animation Director, Animator, Storyboard Artist and Animation Producer in Sweden, Denmark and Canada. First and foremost at Pennfilm Studio in Malmö, Sweden. Lasse Persson has in capacity of his alter ego Lisa Tulin lectured and screened her own films under the heading of “Crossing The Line” and “Tranimation”.

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